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What is Friends of Currango?


Friends of Currango Inc. (FoC) is a non-profit organisation which has a strong and co-operative relationship with the National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW (NPWS). In broad terms, its main goals are to –

Advise or participate in ongoing preservation and restoration, ensuring that any modernisation (eg, solar-electric lighting), is introduced in an environmentally sensitive and conservationally appropriate manner.  These actions include minimal and careful upgrading to meet current health standards and amenity for guests.  Up until March 2007, planning came to fruition via an annual working-bee with FoC members, plus on-site work by NPWS field staff.  All work is now performed by the NPWS and its contractors, due to OH&S and insurance considerations.

Provide a continuing social and activities framework for members, by promoting, enhancing and encouraging outdoor activities at Currango.


How did FoC start?


The third phase of Currango’s history began when Tom and Mollie Taylor moved into the Homestead in 1946.  Together, they worked, reared their family, and lived there for forty-two years.

By the mid-60s, following the closure of the Rules Point guest house, they had begun to take in trout fishermen as guests, and so began the loose network of friends, which would eventually become Friends of Currango.

In 1976, following discussions with Tom and Mollie about their wishes, two factors led to formation of the Currango Club.  Firstly, the Taylors (who were then in their 70s), felt that their days at Currango were coming to an end, and second, the NPWS had grave concerns about the future of Currango after the Taylors had left.

For the next twelve years, the Currango Club acted mainly as a support group to the Taylors.  Following their retirement to Tumut in 1988, the Club incorporated under the name, Friends of Currango Inc., and in co-operation with the NPWS, assumed a significant role in directing Currango’s future.


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