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Driving to Currango


For a printable PDF version of these two maps showing the general approaches to Currango from Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, and the local approaches, click here or on the images.

Once within the vicinity of Currango, there are two main approaches –

Firstly, approaching Currango from the south, the Tantangara Road branches to the north off the Snowy Mountain Highway, about midway between Kiandra and Adaminaby.  The turn-off is marked by a clear sign at the top of a rise, irrespective of which direction you are coming from.  The turn-off into Providence Portal is probably the best warning of your proximity to Tantangara Road; if you see this turn-off after driving from Kiandra, you’ve gone too far.  If coming from Adaminaby, then you’ve only a short distance to go.

This southern approach to Currango is the easiest, but, for those coming from Melbourne, the longest way.  It is the recommended approach for first-time visitors who are unfamiliar with the region, and from the Highway, it is about 26km to the Homestead.

Secondly, approaching from the west, the Long Plain Road begins at Rules Point, about 18km north of the major T-intersection near Kiandra, and heads in an easterly direction to Currango.

Approaching from the north, this turn-off from the Snowy Mountain Highway (Long Plain Road) is about 3 km beyond the entrance to the Yarrangobilly Caves.  From the south (Kiandra side), it is 3km north of a signed marker for the exit from the Yarrangobilly Caves, but that can be missed, especially at night.  It is best identified by a signpost, an entrance formed by stone walls, and a grid that can be seen from the highway.  After about 3km, the Port Phillip Fire Trail branches to the right at power-line pylon number 96.  This is (usually) marked with a specific sign to Currango.  The trail leads directly to the Homestead, a distance of about 16km.  (The Long Plain Road continues north towards the Blue Waterholes, one of the major features of the area).

Note that the Tantangara map (details below) shows the Port Phillip Fire Trail crossing Tantangara Reservoir.  In fact, not far short of the Homestead, there is a causeway across Currango Creek.  Water in Tantangara Reservoir sometimes covers the causeway, so it is prudent to check with the Tumut Region Visitor Centre (Tel: 02 6947 7025) or Currango (Tel: 02 6454 2388) if you are unsure about the level of the reservoir.  Alternatively, check with Snowy Hydro by clicking here.  If the water level is greater than 24%, the causeway is under water.

Visitors to Currango are advised to obtain a copy of the National Topographic Series map Tantangara Sheet 8626 (scale 1:100,000).


Vehicular Access around Currango

Normal vehicles can drive into the Homestead by either access road, except when there is snow.  Chains should then be carried, and are also valuable when tracks are muddy.  In muddy conditions, remember that chains can cut up the tracks badly, so drive carefully – or don't go out, at all!

Cars can be driven safely to the starting points for most of the walking trails in the area.

The smaller legal tracks that are still open to vehicles, are partially accessible to normal cars, but they degenerate progressively into 4-wheel-drive only, with deep ruts, and other obstacles.  If the weather is wet, these can quickly become slippery.

The transition from driveable to impassable for normal cars can happen in a very short time.  Care is needed.

Tracks near the reservoir can be very swampy.  The FoC photographic archives are well stocked with pictures of stranded 4WDs and their chastened occupants.


Broad map